Supplements & Week 4 of Jamie Eason Livefit

This week I want to talk about some of the supplements I have been taking while doing the 12 week Jamie Eason Livefit programme- which I want to add so totally free and accessible to everyone on So far I am loving the programme. I will be adding a page to outline the programme for new comers. But briefly, its a muscle building programme designed by fitness model/female body sculptor Jamie Eason and it is what she does to sculpt her body. It comes with 12 weeks of comprehensive exercises and a meal plan formulae. It is broken into 3 phases, 4 weeks in each phase. I am in the last week of phase 1 which is essentially your ‘bulking-phase’ and has no cardio at all. I start phase 2 on Saturday which is the ‘maintenance phase’ where I start training 6 days a week and medium intensity cardio. Followed by phase 3 is the ‘cutting/shredding phase which includes calorie counting, carb cycling and HITT training. Ultimately this programme is an introduction to body sculpting/body building as I am looking at competing in the future. (VERY far future). My partner is doing the programme with me as they have a meal plan for males and he does higher weights obviously!

Week 4

I found week 1 & 2 a good rest from my usual cardio and 5k runs 3-4 times a week with some weight training. I like that week 1 & 2 is super do-able and it eases you into the hard work! Which means people are more likely to stick to the programme.

Week 3 I started to get a lot more serious with my eating and making sure its super clean. But I still cheat a little bit here and there especially with cheese and milk 🙂 In week 3 you also start to train 5 days rather than the 4 days like in week 2 & 3. In week 3 I weighed 62.4kg.

The start of week 4 I weighed myself and I was 61.8kg. I mean I am loosing and in a way I don’t like that as this is meant to be the bulking phase. But I am definitely eating enough. Either way I am glad I am not gaining weight. In the second week I did go on the Depo-provera jab and have been anxious about weight gain as many women do have weight gain with it. But so far so good 🙂 I am REALLY beginning to see the difference in strength. I am lifting heavier in pretty much all my exercises and using much heavier weights. When I started JELF I could do 10 press-ups and I can now do 20 post chest workout. My goal is 50 and I want to be able to do at least 5 unassisted pull-ups in November.

I would also like to say I do yoga 1X a week. I have just started a beginners class and in the next few weeks I will be doing the class and yoga at home probably 2 times a week. But that’s another post for another day :).

Anyways, lets get to the supplements I take!

My protein powder is Combat from  Musclepharm, in cookies n’ cream flavour. Is is low carb, low sugar and has 25g protein per serve. It’s also a whey/casein protein blend which means it tastes creamier and less gritty in water but also whey is fast digest protein and casein in slow digest. So having this post workout will fuel your muscles straight away but then it will also keep feeding them 8 hours later with the casein. It makes me feel fuller for longer and I have had less bloating/gas from using the blend rather than 100% whey. Casein is also good for the last meal before bed-due to its slow release. You will be feeding your muscles while sleeping. I have my protein straight after working out and sometimes as a meal either breakfast or snack when I get home from work. depending on when I am working out etc. We bought ours for NZD$79 ish I think and bought the 4lbs size.



I think the scoops is pretty reasonably sized and is only 1 scoop per serve for a female in 12oz water.

The Pre-workout I have is also from MusclePharm and called Assault. The first time I took this was the first time I had EVER taken pre-workout and on the bottle it says 1/2 a scoop for medium intensity workout. I miss-read and thought I was to use a whole scoop, this is not recommended for people who have never taken it and is for an extreme intensity workout. To say the least I was high as a kite and VERY VERY pump. I did have a headache the first few times of taken it even with 1/2 a scoop and sometimes I feel a little jittery. Als can make me feel a little edgy and snappy when I am coming down from it. But after using it for a week I am really liking it now and I guess my body has gotten used to it. i don’t get as jittery or angry anymore and no headaches anymore. I think it brings your heart rate up a little to. The taste is a bit yuck as it is sickly sweet. We have the tropical punch. I am going to be trying superdrive once this one runs out. Also I wish the scoop/serving size was smaller and more serves in a bottle. We bought ours for NZD$59 ish I believe.



I am also having a multivitamin that I just got from the supermarket. Nothing special. I rotate it with spirulina tablets. But once this current one runs out I will be buying MusclePharms multi-vit. I just love their products! I can’t help myself. Although my diet is healthy and varied you just don’t know if you’re getting everything you need especially since not every orange, spinach, broccoli etc is going to contain the same amounts and different cooking methods can destroy the vitamins also. You just aren’t guaranteed to meet ALL your requirements just through diet no matter how good it is. I eat whole foods and organic as able but I still value Jamie Easons opinion in needing multivitamins. You are also putting your body under A lot of stress with the heavy lifting and intensity of workouts plus my life is pretty busy and I’m a shift worker so thats even more important to make extra sure I get all the vitamins I need because I don’t want to get sick, I want to make sure my body and immunity is well nourished.



From time to time I also have the Aussie Bodies ProteinFX Lo Carb protein bars or Horleys carb less deluxe protein bars. With Aussie Bodies having only 1g carb, 9.1g protein, 0.5g sugar and 100 cal per bar I have this often before a workout if I need a super quick snack and have nothing prepared. I also keep it in my bag at work for in case I get hungry or craving for something sweet… It is good if your really craving a chocolate bar, something naughty without being naughty.



2 thoughts on “Supplements & Week 4 of Jamie Eason Livefit

  1. Great job! Love reading about your experience too! Thats really funny about your pre workout.. I have had a tricky time figuring out what my body handles best before and after workouts. Phase 2 is def more intense, but you sound like a pro already 🙂

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