Cauliflower “fried-rice”

This is a great substitute for rice if you are low carbing, paleo, primal or just trying to loose weight -its lower cal! Win. Minus the peas if you don’t have them in your diet as some people don’t.

If you just want rice with another rice dish minus the spring onion, bacon, peas, tamari sauce and only cook in butter and garlic and a little salt. I mean this is just a substitute its not going to taste EXACTLY like rice! But if your someone who feels like you’re missing out its perfect.




  • Cauliflower about half a head ( what you don’t use you can also freeze in a baggie)
  • 2-3 garlic cloves (I LOVE garlic)
  • fried rice type things of choice like bacon, peas, spring onion¬†
  • tamari sauce if your paleo or coconut aminos or soy sauce if your not paleo/primal/grain free
  • a food processor with a Z blade
  • dollop of garlic butter dollop or coconut oil
  • 1-2 beaten eggs with a little milk/cream/nut milk or no milk-up to you! (don’t need this unless your doing fried rice!)
  • salt to taste

What to do:

  • In a food processor with a Z blade chop garlic and cauliflower until ricey looking, careful not to blend too much or it will be mush! Ew. Also if you have a small one like me just do batches.
  • In a pan melt butter and coconut oil
  • Add cauliflower and fry about 5-10 minutes
  • Cook your beaten egg in the microwave scrambling every 30 seconds until cooked
  • Add peas and other fried ricey type ingredients
  • fry until peas are cooked
  • add tamari sauce and egg and combine.

* This heats well the next day and can be frozen, defrosted and cooked the same way as above with leftovers. Don’t cook and then freeze. If very moist after defrosting dry out in salad spinner.

Easy as that! I like simple ūüôā

Stay fit X



The best mushroom steak sauce

I love this its soo yummy and simple, I like simple. 

You can eat this on steak or turn it into a chicken dish or even eat it one its own!

I have made it into a chicken dish that I ate over konjac noodles or over kelp noodles by simply adding chicken, bacon & pesto topped with parmesan! 


as a steak sauce


As a pasta/noodle/chicken dish


  • Mushrooms – as much as you like I have about 2-3 hands sliced for two of us I like me my mushies!
  • 1/2 pottle of Thickened cream or Philadelphia cooking cream ( ensure its full fat and no gluten if your paleo)
  • 1/2-1 onion sliced
  • 3 cloves of garlic crushed
  • 1/2-1 tablespoon Butter and 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
  • Salt & pepper to taste¬†

What to do 

  • melt butter & coconut oil
  • fry onion and garlic until fragrant
  • add mushrooms and cook until softish
  • Add cream I use about half but you can add as much as you like
  • Add salt and pepper to taste

You can also add herbs as desired! As I promised simple but delish.

Stay fit X


Grain Free Challenge

I have been following a lady on facebook who lives in NZ for sometime now – michelle from “primal journey”. She lost over 30kg eating primal. I loved her food ideas and her take on health. But as per my previous post I was always very sceptical of paleo and I thought primal was the same thing. I don’t like the idea of cutting out cheese and milk as I don’t think I have an intolerance. Althought in the near future am looking at excluding milk for a few weeks and seeing if I feel a difference. My understanding of paleo was also that you can’t eat fruit of kumara (sweet potato), I just CAN NOT separate myself from kumara.I don’t eat it everyday but I don’t want to have it on a don’t eat list of foods because I will want to eat it and if I do then eat it I will feel guilty and I don’t think its right to feel guilty about wholesome foods.

I read a book accidentally overweight that discusses how grains can interfere with your health if you are sensitive to it. After reading it I had an inkling that I do need to stop eating grains or at least trailing stopping grains. I am also reading wheat belly which is an informative read about the health affects of wheat and how the encouragement of wheat has made the author believe (and me believe) that wheat is the root of the obesity epidemic.

I am not saying go paleo/primal/grainfree. Do your research and if you think it’s still not a good idea then don’t. Also if you do have a condition that you can’t seem to cure with medicine you should consider trailing it. However it is your body and your decision so make an informed one. I have spent over 6 months deciding if I agree and if I even want to try it after having a pretty bad experience with a programme called “rapid fitness” . Rapid fitness is extremely restricted and low carb and what I thought was paleo – whether or not it was paleo I would never do the programme again or recommend it. its not maintainable as it is SO strict and me obsessed and feel guilty among other emotions. But after following primal journey I became really interested and started to read a lot of material re:paleo/primal.

I am currently doing a grain-free challenge for 30 days. I am 7 days in and so far have found I am eating a lot less, snacking less, being way more creative with food and trying things I haven’t tried, no more sugar cravings or cravings in general and I was really struggling with this and no more bloating at all!!! ūüėÄ I was looking like I was about 6 months pregnant by the end of the day lately and I have actually increased my grain intake over the last few months. I have also been 62.8kg since august and for the first time since then I have lost some weight on the scales again (although I only weigh myself monthly now). I dropped to 61.4! My ultimate goal is 58kg but I am in no rush to get there. I am definitely not tracking calories or macros or anything. I am eating whole foods, not packaged and organic. I don’t care about the numbers and I don’t want to drive my self nutty tracking either. I am not going cray cray with fat but I sure am not afraid of fat or carbs! But obviously eating no grains equal lower carbs naturally. I definitely don’t eat low fat products and enjoy me my healthy fats like avocado. I eat bacon and all the rest. As I said I’m not afraid of fat. ¬†My carbs only come from vegetables and fruit. I only have 1-2 servings fruit per day. Mainly lower GI fruits such as berries.

I really need to get around to putting some of my recipes on here at some stage, hopefully the next week! But please check my instagram for recipe and food ideas as I post most days what I eat on my page : fitsponurse is my username ūüôā

Good luck with your journey and stay strong over the festive season. Enjoy yourself but still make smart choices.

Stay fit X

Apple Cider Vinegar

Since reading accidentally overweight by dr libby weaver I have been taking apple cider vinegar minimum of once a day (apon waking), but also trying to have before each meal. 

What is ACV and how I drink it/ how to know which brand to purchase

Initially the taste is horrible and it takes some time to get used it. But I can easily drink it now- no problem. In the morning I have 1-2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar with warm water (not boiled as boiled kills the goodness of everything such as vitamin C in the lemon juice), 1/2-1 teaspoon of manuka honey and the juice of one lemon. The manuka honey is an antifungal, antibacterial with lots of antioxidant and the lemon gives you a whole days worth of vitamin C. I have also had it with cold water and a teaspoon of maple syrup for sweetener or cold with honey.This drink is great if you’re fighting infection and if you were you should try drink up to three times a day. I use Braggs Apple Cider vinegar that is raw, unpasteurized made from quality organic apples and contain the “mother” which are the enzymes, bacteria and living nutrients that makes ACV so good for you . If you are choosing an ACV choose an organic one that contains the mother. If you can find Braggs I recommend to buy that one. One bottle lasts you a lifetime! *do make sure you eat after taking or brush your teeth after taking as the acidity can be harsh on teeth enamel and break it down after time.


How it has helped me

I have it before each meal to help with digestion, curb cravings and appetite. Although acidic it actually improves acid reflux/indigestion as this is due to food not being properly digested and then coming back up- this is discussed by dr libby weaver. It can also help buffer and balance acid produced by stomach therefore helping for acid reflux. I have been taking this religiously for 3 weeks and by the beginning of the second week I began to notice I was never really hungry and didn’t feel the need to snack during the day especially at night after dinner anymore. I have really been struggling with appetite and sugar cravings ever since being on the depo which I have now stopped having (I only had one shot). It has been a battle with my self to stop myself from eating sugary foods and then feeling guilty. By the second week I can honestly say the sugar cravings are pretty much gone and I haven’t had any lollies or chocolate since! I have also been struggling with bloating and often at the end of the day would almost look pregnant from the bloating, but in the morning have a totally flat stomach. I have noticed this improve dramatically since taking apple cider vinegar! I have also been trying to eat grain free and I believe this is helping the bloating I was having also.

Since stopping the depo I have also had diabolical skin (which is why I initially started with the oral contraceptive). I am pretty sure all my hormones are having an imbalance at the moment. But also since taking ACV I have noticed the skin on my face especially my forehead has noticeably improved. I am actually going to be seeing a naturopath during the coming week about my hormonal imbalance, lower mood, lower energy since coming of the depo for natural healing. I am not one for taking loads of medication and I have become less trusting of medications and added hormones and so on since I started my job as a nurse and all the research and reading I have done about health lately. I have been eating mainly organic and grain free also. What I love about naturopaths is the time they spend to give you an hour consultation looking at your health as whole, looking at spiritual health, mental health and physical health to help improve your condition and well-being. I would much rather pay for an hour consultation that addresses my whole health than a doctor who focuses on one complaint and only spend 10 minutes with you. I don’t think my GP knows me at all and more and more I am avoiding finding answers from him – not to mention the side effects of medications they give you and they never warn you about them! ¬†

ACV also contains many vital minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, chlorine, sodium, sulphur, copper, iron, silicon and fluorine that are vital for a healthy body.

Other claimed health benefits of ACV

-Weightloss (assumingly from decreased appetite and cravings – I don’t weigh myself often anymore so I can’t tell you yet if this claim is true).

– Assisting in cramps and muscle ache especially after sport

– increasing energy

РCan regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol 

– Can increase sensitivity to insulin and has been found it assist in diabetes management (though discuss this with a doctor before use)

РAssist in bowel regularity/constipation 

– detoxify liver

-improve arthritis and joint pain

– Some lab studies have shown that ACV can help shrink cancers

The naturopath I am seeing have written articles re: ACV. Here is the link if you would like to read further

Give it a go and see what you think!

Also feel free to check my instagram with meal ideas and following my grain free challenge. My instagram is : fitsponurse. 

Stay Fit X

Changes in my diet – my thoughts on paleo

I am currently reading the book accidentally overweight by Dr Libby Weaver an Australian born and trained nutritionist, with a PHD in Health Science specialising in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has helped many people transform their lives. She also has 2 cookbooks. I own the first one – The Real Food Kitchen. The second one that recently came out is The Real Food Chief. Definitely on my to-buy list. Her theory of healthy eating is eating as organic as you can, only eating foods in their wholeness, eating lots of vegetables and limit, but not eliminate grains (unless you think they may be causing you problems as some people have sensitivity to them). Her cookbooks shows you how you can get extra/adequate vegetables in your diet if you struggle with that.

With that said, my thoughts on paleo?

I think eliminating milk is a good idea, but haven’t been able to do it successfully. We are the only mammals who drink milk at an adult age. I still have a splash of milk in my coffee – but I have been cutting milk and caffeine out the last week and I cope just fine! I have almond milk with smoothies and anything cold like protein shake as a meal replacement.

The rest of paleo, like HEAPS of fat and cutting out even the good carbs like brown rice, quinoa and kumara (sweet potato)… to have ridiculously low grams of carbs a day? I don’t agree with that. ¬†There is no research out there (thought underway) to show the long term effects of eating a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. Being a nurse, there is no way that my mind will allow me to think that 80%fat diets won’t harm you or your vessels. I believe that excessive fat, especially in the form of saturated fat and cholesterol puts you at higher risk of cardiovascular risk. I definitely don’t think you should eat low fat products or “lite” products, as the fat is lowered in these products and sugar is added to compensate, sugar makes fat! I don’t really limit my fat intake, but I don’t go overboard either and to me 60-80% is overboard. I usually eat 30-40%% fat, 30-40% protein & 10-20% carbs. I usually eat around 100-150 grams carbs per day. I don’t strictly measure these.

There is so much information out there now and if you start reading it all it gets really confusing! I feel like I have a relative understanding of nutrition and food especially with my nursing degree- had nutrition papers too. But when I start reading too much on the internet and other publications I start to question my own sound theories. I was taught moderation. There is no “bad food”. (Except refined foods – stay away from them. Refined being : white bread, white rice, white pasta, packaged food, food that have labels, anything thats not in its most purest form, white sugar products etc.) I was never taught that fat, carbs or protein is bad for you, only that they should be eaten in moderation. Excess of anything will make you gain weight. Also eat as much salad and vegetables as your heart desires. Carbohydrates are naturally easier to eat to much of as usually, in our ancestors days, carbohydrates were harder to come by. Also if they did find carbs there was nothing telling them to stop eating- the brain allowed them to stock up while there was supply- like a bear preparing for hibernation. ¬†However, there is definitely a switch that goes off to stop us with fat and protein. Adding extra fat to meals and extra protein is a really good way to eat less carbs and get fuller sooner. So yes, some parts of paleo is correct and logical and a great theory BUT I don’t think you should totally eliminate an entire food group for no real reason. If you are someone who can cut out carbs easily and never look back and it works for you – then why not. But I just feel like crying if I try leave brown rice and kumara behind for the rest of my life. I have tried to do it before. It lasts a week and then I HAVE to eat it. When I end up eating the carbs again I feel so guilty and like I am a failure – just because I ate some kumara (sweet potato)! I think thats ridiculous its a whole food, it’s healthy in moderation, there is no need to feel guilty for that. If you are a perfectionist and get obsessed with things, like I do, avoid paleo, it will mess with your head and encourage bad behaviour. I think it’s a fad phase and it will pass. At the end of the say the only thing thats achievable and maintainable for life is moderation and clean eating.

As a rule of thumb, I eat carbs like brown rice-rice crackers, peanut butter and banana before an intense workout. I also might eat carbs in the morning like 1/2 cup oats otherwise I have scrambled egg tomato and avocado or bacon (this is a paleo breakfast actually). I might have carbs with my lunch like kumara (sweet potato), wholemeal and grain bread, brown rice or quinoa. If I have a carb at lunch I might not have my pre-workout carbs. I never have carbs at dinner – I just don’t think you need it as such. Its the last meal of the day, your going to sleep, you don’t need lots of fuel to sleep.

Changes I have made from accidentally overweight

We got into a real bad habit of eating in front of the TV. We would go to the gym, come home, make dinner and then have dinner in front of the TV watching breaking bad. When I started reading the book we had finished watching breaking bad. Eating in front of the TV means you can miss the signal that tells you your full and you keep eating – over eating. So for the past 2 weeks we have been back at the table. It makes a huge difference and I find you interact and communicate with your partner better if you’re at the table. Its good for relationships too! I have also been having my dinner on a dessert plate just to bring back my portions again because I feel like they were creeping up on me.

As a nurse, although I am given 30 minutes for lunch, I never take 30 minutes. I eat as fast as I can so I can get back to work, I always have so much to do! Overtime I have pretty much developed a habit of inhaling my food and not really chewing it. Dr Libby addresses this problem, as it causes digestive problems which can cause weight gain and an array of other problems. I have been having to count the amount of times a chew and actively having to slow my eating down. This has been proven really hard. Even doing things I didn’t know I do, like putting food in my mouth before swallowing the previous amount. Speaking of digestion, I have also been having apple cider vinegar. This has so many benefits as well. Better skin, better liver and digestive health, curbing appetite, correcting stomach pH – the list goes one google it!. I use the brand Braggs, I wouldn’t recommend anything else if you’re taking it as a “supplement”. In the morning I have 2 teaspoons of ACV, 1/2 a lemons juice, 1/3 teaspoon honey and hot water. Then I make breakfast after having my drink. This has replaced my coffee in the morning. I also try have 2 teaspoons ACV twice more during the day (best before each meal) and I just water it down in a cup of cold water.

I have 100% cut out caffeine and milk. I had a headache and was feeling a bit shitty for 3 days – caffeine withdrawal – proves just how much I was lying to myself about how much caffeine I have! I thought I only have a cup a day, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like I have 3-4. Long story short caffeine makes your body release stress hormone adrenaline, which causes weight gain. If you want to know more I suggest your read the book :).

I have also been slowing down on my carbs a little and just reassessing my diet. I think I started eating lollies again more than just a treat every now and then. I spend so much time in the gym working hard, I don’t want to waste my efforts by a bad diet.

Take some time to reassess your diet, fitness plans and goals. It’s good to review it all. Look at how your feeling, looking and your general health such as digestion problems etc. Sometimes you can get carried away, or loose perspective and you just need to reassess everything.¬†

Stay Fit X.

Fitness Update

So admittedly I didn’t really finish the Jamie Eason Live Fit programme. I got to the end of phase 2 and then for the rest of the 4 weeks I did a combination of phase 2 and phase 3 strength exercises but no active rests. I still rested and I just did HITT training. I have two reasons for this, firstly trying to skip and what not in the middle of our gym where everyone is trying to use strength equipment isn’t ideal as we usually go after 5pm and thats the busiest time at the gym! It’s so busy you have to fight for machines! Secondly, my goals have kind of changed. For reasons I can’t yet reveal. But I have to maintain my outside running and cardio fitness. I am focusing on getting my cardio fitness really good especially outside and doing a lot of HITT training/ Rep runs.¬†

What I am doing now

After 4 weeks of mucking around with Jamie Eason’s programme I half started another programme but didn’t really get anything out of it. I have been talking to a trainer at my gym for a while who has been keen to train me. So I went to see him. I have just got my programme from him – and boy is it intense!!! I feel like I am really pushed to my limits and being challenged. Lots of HITT training and Rep running as well as supersets lifting weights. He is trying to help me push my body fat a bit lower but also help me have muscle definition and get lots fitter. As my goals are different- needing to be very fit cardio wise – for work reasons.My trainer will also be doing personal training sessions with me once a week- he really pushes me and i like that!

What I gained from Jamie Eason Live Fit

I think this programme is so good for getting a structure and realising the importance of training different areas rather than whole body workouts, which is what I used to do. I was working out a lot already before Jamie Eason. I was doing a lot more cardio though but I was still lifting as well. I got some tightening and definition also but not really weight loss as such. I lost some cm’s too. I lost 4 cm in my hips, 4cm in waist , 2cm in my thighs. But I think to have a massive transformation you have to either A) have never really lifted before/have a lot of weight to lose or B) do the programme in full more than once.¬†

I think the programme really helped me look at my diet again too. I found foods to eat that I didn’t eat before and I started eating lots more protein and understanding the importance of sufficient protein. I also started using supplements which I didn’t use before.¬†

It is definitely a great programme and I recommend it especially if you haven’t lifted weights before but would like to and if you just want a change in programme. I just found the last phase inconvenient at my gym. In saying that my programme now has active rests and is all back to back supersets. Instead of skipping though, I do sprints outside.

So that’s how far I got, and what I am doing now… I have been so slack at blogging! I have so many recipes to share! I will be doing some further posts about my diet currently and a book I am reading at the moment and some of my recipes I want to share.

Stay fit! x

made-from-scratch beef stir fry

You could have this with rice or noodles or without either if you are trying to eat low-carb. I am currently doing low carb for dinner and eating my carbs earlier in the day.


I use every veggie I can get my hands on pretty much

mine had:

thinly sliced carrots



capsicum sliced


egg plant


finely diced onion

I precook the broccoli and beans just because they take forever to cook

The sauce

2 tablespoons soy sauce

1-2 tablespoos fish sauce

tablespoon stirfry sauce (comes in a bottle)

1-2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger

1/2-1 teaspoon crushed chilli (depending how chilli you like food)

3 cloves garlic (large cloves) or as much garlic as you like!

To do:

I used beef snitzchel

In a wok pan fry onion, garlic, chilli and ginger until onion is clear. Add meat and soy sauce, fish sauce and stirfry sauce and cook until browned.

Add all vegetables apart from longer cooking vegies such as brocolli and beans which I did in the microwave. Add longer cooking vegies and cook until meat is cooked and vegies are soft. Put the lid on the wok to steam vegies and soften quicklier.

at this point you could add udon noodles which is what my partner does after I have taken my share out.

This is such as easy and quick meals that is filled with vegies and is tasty! Good way to get rid of all the vegies.

Enjoy X

Jamie Eason Livefit week 5 & 6

So today I am posting and today I am day 3 of week 6. I was having the first day of my week saturday, so my weeks was starting saturday. But after having family visit in the weekend and not following the plan, we went to the gym saturday and did a mixture of back, chest and cardio and then didn’t go at all Sunday. So we decided to start again on Monday, making Monday our first day now and rest day on Sunday – which works out I guess. I prefer the gym in the weekends because it’s quite. In terms of it working with work – well I am a nurse and am a shift worker working pretty much all three shifts in one week. If you too have a job like that, my only advise to you is, bear and grin it and get into a routine. Everyone that wants to be healthy and fit need to possibly sacrifice and plan ahead and have a really good routine to maintain the health and fitness. I am now meal preparing in advance so when I don’t have time to make a dinner or lunch I have pre-made and measures/weighed meals. I always plan my weeks food. If I work a morning shift I go to the gym after work, if I work an afternoon I go before work and if I have a night or off day I go when I am awake. That routine is what keeps my life sane and a little bit less out of order.

For anyone who has children, who says they can’t get fit and healthy because of their kids, if you are not fit and healthy for yourself then you are not benefiting your children either, because a sick mum is not of any help to their children. I don’t have children, but when I do I will keep this in mind and I will also want to be fit and healthy to role model the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. Healthy eating habits and exercise has so many benefits from improved energy and sleep ¬†and being a stress reliever but also preventing complex conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Being a nurse I see far too many young people unwell with these conditions and even dying at a very young age, which could be prevented by diet and a more active lifestyle!¬†

Right enough motivational speaking, what can I tell you about week 6. 

I shocked myself! I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill after 4 weeks of no cardio. Before starting the programme I was doing 4 maybe more runs of around 6km outside. But I still feared losing my fitness. But I ran the full 3 minutes all 4 times during the week and really impressed myself. The body is such a smart and versatile thing that just pushing through and seeing what it will allow you to do makes all the difference. I really enjoyed the cardio but I still recommend that you do not cheat this programme. Trust the process.¬†

I really cleaned up my diet too and followed the plan to a T and I have seen some muscle definition coming in from doing that.

I did however endure a some type of back injury, possibly from the leg day and the weighted squats/lunges. But I went for a deep tissue sports massage and within a day or 2 I could bend over again. This also really made me look at my form. I did get bruises all over my back from it though – but that is normal.

Week 7

So far this week I have mainly followed the plan. I have a difficult roster which I think is affecting my motivation. Although I am going and doing the exercises I feel like I am not in the ‘zone’. Yesterday I ended up running only half of my cardio and walked on 6.8 and 9.0 incline for the rest of the cardio. I just felt a little off. But I still did it all. I guess sometimes you will just feel off and not be as motivated and thats ok. It’s not going to be the best workout ever every day and some days are just a little harder.

Other news and things

I follow a girl on youtube who has lost a lot of weight and is now training for her first figure competition next year. She does daily vlogs for the sake of accountability but also motivation. She has been a real inspiration to me and I can’t wait to see where she goes. So in say that her username is :trulyjess . She also has a instagram and facebook and is doing an instagram challenge that I am part-taking in. Each day has a different challenge that you do and then you post a pic of you doing it on instagram with the hashtag #trulycommitted. The first one for me was yesterday and here is my pic:


So the first challenge is your goals for month october. Right now I can do 25 pushups nonstop, I usually use 80pounds on the assisted pull ups, 20kg bench and I hate shoulder day because I lift so light on it! Also I am pretty slack at posting. So hopefully this month you will hear a lot from me and I hope to start some videos on youtube maybeee..

If you are doing the jamie eason programme, good luck and truck on!

P.S my username on instagram is fitsponurse

Supplements & Week 4 of Jamie Eason Livefit

This week I want to talk about some of the supplements I have been taking while doing the 12 week Jamie Eason Livefit programme- which I want to add so totally free and accessible to everyone on So far I am loving the programme. I will be adding a page to outline the programme for new comers. But briefly, its a muscle building programme designed by fitness model/female body sculptor Jamie Eason and it is what she does to sculpt her body. It comes with 12 weeks of comprehensive exercises and a meal plan formulae. It is broken into 3 phases, 4 weeks in each phase. I am in the last week of phase 1 which is essentially your ‘bulking-phase’ and has no cardio at all. I start phase 2 on Saturday which is the ‘maintenance phase’ where I start training 6 days a week and medium intensity cardio. Followed by phase 3 is the ‘cutting/shredding phase which includes calorie counting, carb cycling and HITT training. Ultimately this programme is an introduction to body sculpting/body building as I am looking at competing in the future. (VERY far future). My partner is doing the programme with me as they have a meal plan for males and he does higher weights obviously!

Week 4

I found week 1 & 2 a good rest from my usual cardio and 5k runs 3-4 times a week with some weight training. I like that week 1 & 2 is super do-able and it eases you into the hard work! Which means people are more likely to stick to the programme.

Week 3 I started to get a lot more serious with my eating and making sure its super clean. But I still cheat a little bit here and there especially with cheese and milk ūüôā In week 3 you also start to train 5 days rather than the 4 days like in week 2 & 3. In week 3 I weighed 62.4kg.

The start of week 4 I weighed myself and I was 61.8kg. I mean I am loosing and in a way I don’t like that as this is meant to be the bulking phase. But I am definitely eating enough. Either way I am glad I am not gaining weight. In the second week I did go on the Depo-provera jab and have been anxious about weight gain as many women do have weight gain with it. But so far so good ūüôā I am REALLY beginning to see the difference in strength. I am lifting heavier in pretty much all my exercises and using much heavier weights. When I started JELF I could do 10 press-ups and I can now do 20 post chest workout. My goal is 50 and I want to be able to do at least 5 unassisted pull-ups in November.

I would also like to say I do yoga 1X a week. I have just started a beginners class and in the next few weeks I will be doing the class and yoga at home probably 2 times a week. But that’s another post for another day :).

Anyways, lets get to the supplements I take!

My protein powder is Combat from ¬†Musclepharm, in cookies n’ cream flavour. Is is low carb, low sugar and has 25g protein per serve. It’s also a whey/casein protein blend which means it tastes creamier and less gritty in water but also whey is fast digest protein and casein in slow digest. So having this post workout will fuel your muscles straight away but then it will also keep feeding them 8 hours later with the casein. It makes me feel fuller for longer and I have had less bloating/gas from using the blend rather than 100% whey. Casein is also good for the last meal before bed-due to its slow release. You will be feeding your muscles while sleeping. I have my protein straight after working out and sometimes as a meal either breakfast or snack when I get home from work. depending on when I am working out etc. We bought ours for NZD$79 ish I think and bought the 4lbs size.



I think the scoops is pretty reasonably sized and is only 1 scoop per serve for a female in 12oz water.

The Pre-workout I have is also from MusclePharm and called Assault. The first time I took this was the first time I had EVER taken pre-workout and on the bottle it says 1/2 a scoop for medium intensity workout. I miss-read and thought I was to use a whole scoop, this is not recommended for people who have never taken it and is for an extreme intensity workout. To say the least I was high as a kite and VERY VERY pump. I did have a headache the first few times of taken it even with 1/2 a scoop and sometimes I feel a little jittery. Als can make me feel a little edgy and snappy when I am coming down from it. But after using it for a week I am really liking it now and I guess my body has gotten used to it. i don’t get as jittery or angry anymore and no headaches anymore. I think it brings your heart rate up a little to. The taste is a bit yuck as it is sickly sweet. We have the tropical punch. I am going to be trying superdrive once this one runs out. Also I wish the scoop/serving size was smaller and more serves in a bottle. We bought ours for NZD$59 ish I believe.



I am also having a multivitamin that I just got from the supermarket. Nothing special. I rotate it with spirulina tablets. But once this current one runs out I will be buying MusclePharms multi-vit. I just love their products! I can’t help myself. Although my diet is healthy and varied you just don’t know if you’re getting everything you need especially since not every orange, spinach, broccoli etc is going to contain the same amounts and different cooking methods can destroy the vitamins also. You just aren’t guaranteed to meet ALL your requirements just through diet no matter how good it is. I eat whole foods and organic as able but I still value Jamie Easons opinion in needing multivitamins. You are also putting your body under A lot of stress with the heavy lifting and intensity of workouts plus my life is pretty busy and I’m a shift worker so thats even more important to make extra sure I get all the vitamins I need because I don’t want to get sick, I want to make sure my body and immunity is well nourished.



From time to time I also have the Aussie Bodies ProteinFX Lo Carb protein bars or Horleys carb less deluxe protein bars. With Aussie Bodies having only 1g carb, 9.1g protein, 0.5g sugar and 100 cal per bar I have this often before a workout if I need a super quick snack and have nothing prepared. I also keep it in my bag at work for in case I get hungry or craving for something sweet… It is good if your really craving a chocolate bar, something naughty without being naughty.


Capsicum & Tomato & Red Onion Mushroom

We had these as a side to our baked chicken breast & kumara. They reminded me of mini pizzas! So yummy! They don’t look pretty but trust me they are sooooo yummy!

you will need:

1/2 a tomato

1/2 a capsicum

1/2 a large red onion or 1 small red onion

2 large portobello mushrooms (or however many people you’re making them for)

garlic butter ( I did mine with 4-5 cloves of fresh garlic)

mozzarella cheese

dried oregano, pepper & pink himalayan salt




What I did:

1. Spread mushrooms with garlic butter Рbe generous 

2. I chopped my onion, capsicum and tomato in a hand blender  container with a S blade as it needs to by finely chopped.

3. spread chopped onion capsicum and tomato on mushroom that has the garlic butter on.

4. cover with mozzarella cheese or whatever cheese you want

5. top with salt and pepper I use pink himalayan salt. And top with dried oregano.

6. Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes on 200 celsius degrees